Why You Can’t Find a Stage Manager

16 Nov 2018

Stage managers are critical participants in an industry that generated almost $1.5 billion in revenue in Australia in 2015, according to Live Performance Australia. Available census data, however, indicates that this industry is being serviced by a disproportionately young, female workforce.

This panel consisted of current and former professional female stage managers who have worked within Australia’s peak performing arts companies (AMPAG 2016) and leading entertainment organisations.

In recent times there has been a renewed focus on mental health and well-being of those working within the Australian arts and entertainment sectors. Globally, the Entertainment Industry has also been buffeted as result of the #metoo and #timesup movements. Systemic issues of gender discrimination and harassment have been uncovered and the discussion has turned to the experiences of those previously unheard voices.

This panel gave a forum to some of those voices and will explore the issues contributing to a disproportionate workforce and premature exits from the profession.

Panel: Eloise Grace, Rex Rees, Julie Amos, Tanya Malouf, Ashlee Hints

Moderator: Carly O’Neill

Tanya Malouf is currently a Tour Producer at arTour and has preciously has experience as a stage manager, producer assistant and project coordinator.
Ashlee Hints is currently an Operations Coordinator and Tour Manager at Opera Australia and has previously had experience as a senior stage manager, tour manager and operations and production coordinator.
Julie Amos is currently Director of AMOS enterprises – Outsourced Arts Management and has previously had experience as General Manager of HotHouse Theatre and Orchestra Victoria, Music Operations Manager at The Australian Ballet has also worked in orchestral management.
Eloise Grace is currently a Company Manager at Dancenorth and has previously had experience as general manager and producer, logistics manager and stage manager.
Rebecca is currently a tour producer at arTour. She has previously has experience as an artistic manager, stage manager, event stage manager and site manager.
Event Details
  • Date(s)
    16 Nov 2018
  • Time
    10am - 11:30am
  • Venue
    Studio 120, Level 1, Building Z9
  • Location
    Z9 Block, Kelvin Grove Rd & Musk Ave, Kelvin Grove, Brisbane