15 - 17 Nov 2018

Enter Inferno, the unforgettable cyborg experience, part robotic dance party, part wake-up call from the future. Machine art is about to meet demonic, in a dynamic crash-merging of spectral mechanics and human imagination.

You can be part of Inferno in one of two ways – either as a participant, or as a spectator.

Participants are fitted with robotic exoskeleton suits and are plunged into the experience.

It is essential to just let yourself go in INFERNO. You are directed by the machine and are no more than a puppet. But in your guts you sense that you are a puppet with incredible power – Maxence Grugier, digitalarti

Spectators witness the extraordinary spectacle of cyborg machines dancing their human subjects.

Inspired by ideas of control and Dante’s depiction of the Circles of Hell, Inferno confronts what it means to surrender to human-robot symbiotic relationships.

In an age of intelligent machines, who is in control?

Created by Professor Louis-Philippe Demers and Bill Vorn.

Participants MUST arrive 30 minutes before the show.

Via Qtix

Enter the Technodrome to witness an unforgettable spectacle of cyborg machines dancing their human subjects.

Price: $18
Duration: 60 minutes

Audience members are advised that content within the show is recommended for those aged 13 and older.

As a participant, on arrival you will be inducted, dressed in overalls, and then fitted into the cyborg exo-skeleton weighing approximately 15kg. Each participant will be immersed in the experience for half an hour. Participants need to be aged 18 and over, in good physical health and reasonably fit (e.g. with no pre-existing condition such as back pain or heart condition).

Event Details
  • Date(s)
    15 - 17 Nov 2018
  • Venue
    The Block, Building Z3
  • Location
    Creative Industries Precinct, Kelvin Grove, Brisbane
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