Yasim Coronado Veranes

Yasim Coronado Veranes is a Contemporary dancer and Choreographer with over 17 years’ experience in the international dance scene. After graduating from the Escuela Nacional de Arte (Cuba) in 2008, Yasim joined the TV Ballet Company and in 2009 was preselected by Cirqu du Soleil. From 2011–2012 Yasim was choreographer, dancer and acrobat for Nock Circus (Switzerland). Yasim spent five years touring the world as a Contemporary dancer and Acro specialist with Ballet Revolution. He has also choreographed for and danced in some of the biggest Latin stars’ music videos including Gente De Zona and Mark Anthony, winning Urban Choreographer of the Year at the 2016 Lucas Awards. Now based in Brisbane, Yasim has a dance school and company focusing on expression and movement of the body by fusing diverse dance genres and styles.