Prof. Ruth Bridgstock

Ruth Bridgstock (ALTF)(PFHEA), Professor of Curriculum and Teaching Transformation, Learning Futures, Griffith University. Ruth Bridgstock is interested in how we can develop and support ‘future capable’ learners, teachers and educational institutions. Ruth engages in research and scholarship into the changing world of work and the social challenges we all face, the capabilities that we need, and the approaches to learning that support their development. She is also interested in the future capability of educational institutions, including organisational transformation and teacher professional learning. Ruth is Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and National Senior Teaching Fellow for Graduate Employability 2.0, which is concerned with how students, teachers and educational institutions can build and use social networks for innovation, career development, and learning. Her latest book is Higher Education and the Future of Graduate Employability: A Connectedness Learning Approach (Edward Elgar, 2018). Her blog is