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Shifting Lenses - Image #1

A live, interactive digital solo performance installation

Shifting Lenses is a duet of a live dancer and interactive image on screen, performing together to create an intimate, shared space between the performer, image and audience. The performance explores the connections between digital landscapes and the human body.

The duration is 20 mins

Shifting Lenses - Image #2

The Performers

Elise May

Elise is a dance artist and choreographer and 2016 Graduate of a Master of Arts (Research) program at QUT.

Presented by

  • Dancer/ Choreographer:
    Elise May (QUT Dance Discipline)
  • Animator:
    Paul Van Opdenbosch (Film, Television and Digital Media Discipline)
  • Kyle Berry and Thomas Ash (QUT Technical Production Discipline, 2015 Graduates)


Elise is a dancer with EDC (Expressions Dance Company)

The Making Of

How did you make it?

Elise May collaborated with animator Paul Van Opdenbosch utilising QUT's Xsens Motion Capture system to capture choreographed movements and use them as the data from which he created generative, abstract animations. Elise has used these animations as stimuli for her choreographic content and installation design.

What's the point of difference?

Shifting Lenses is an original work and the creative outcome of my Master of Arts (Research) investigating screen-based and interdisciplinary approaches to the use of the moving image and digital media in live performance.

How is this relevant to our future lives?

As our digital and real-world realities become more entwined, creative work that navigate the territories where performance and new technologies meet will play a prominent role in how we perceive our digital and creative futures.

What's some other interesting facts?

Shifitng Lenses utilises an Xbox Kinect sensor, which uses infrared technology to motion track the body in space.

The animated imagery created by Paul Van Opdenbosch using Xsens technology. Xsens essentially uses the same technology as the iPhone. It knows the rotational plane against the Earth’s magnetic core and can therefore detect the body's potition in space according to the 'x', 'y' and 'z' axis. This sensor technology is used to create animated image sequences in movies such as Lord of The Rings (to create the Gollem character).

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