JOBS! Jobs! jobs??

  • 1:30pm – 2:30pm

Suitable for ages 12+

  • Free on the day
  • or $5 to prebook
JOBS! Jobs! jobs?? - Unemployed in the Great Depression
Unemployed in the Great Depression

Creative Education: Diverse careers of the future.

60% of jobs in the near future don't yet exist. This panel will take you on a short journey into the future, creating scenarios of what creative industry jobs might look like not too far from now…Where will universities fit into this? How can we make a livelihood from our ideas? How will creatives make an income in the future?

All Talks and Panels are free on a first come first served basis for a percentage of places. However there will be a limited number of places available to reserved in advance for any panel for $5. Once booked we are unable to provide refunds. CreateX will donate all funds received through reserved seating to The QUT Learning Potential Fund and the Creative Industries at QUT.

The duration is 1 hour

The People

  • Prof. Greg Hearn:
    Director of the QUT Creative Lab; Director, Industry Research and Consultancy, and Research Professor in the Creative Industries Faculty at QUT. His work focuses on policy development and R and D for new technologies and services in the creative industries. He has authored or co-authored over 20 major research reports and books, including, Public policy in knowledge-based economies (2003: Edward Elgar) and The knowledge economy handbook (2005; 2012: Edward Elgar); Knowledge policy: Challenges for the 21st Century (2008: Edward Elgar) and Action research and new media. (2008: Hampton Press). He is the leader of the Creative Workforce 2.0 program in the ARC Center of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation and an adviser on Creative Industries policy to the National Governments of South Africa, Brunei and Brazil.
  • Prof. Greg Hearn leads this panel (to be announced).

Getting to CreateX

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