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InstaBooth - Image #1

Recording the Past - Designing the Future: The InstaBooth for Situated Community Engagement

The InstaBooth is a portable installation that visitors can walk inside to share their thoughts and ideas in a playful way. Through the use of digital and hands-on technologies, the booth fosters interactive discussions about change and urban planning.

InstaBooth - Image #2

The Creators

Presented by

  • Glenda Caldwell
  • Jared Donovan
  • Mirko Guaralda
  • Markus Rittenbruch
  • Marcus Foth
  • Michael Molloy
  • Severine Mayere
  • Sukanlaya Sawang

The Making Of

How did you make it?

The InstaBooth is constructed from standard CNC-cut plywood stock and plans for its construction are available for others to download and use. Its modular design accommodates a range of bespoke interactive technologies, both analogue and digital, designed to facilitate the engagement process by providing means to present different materials and offer different ways to collect feedback.

What's the point of difference?

The appearance and interactions of the InstaBooth are designed to appeal to different demographics and foster an interactive discussion about a range of different topics such as change management, policy development, and urban planning.

How is this relevant to our future lives?

The InstaBooth provides a place of learning, a discussion platform, and a voice to all people regardless of their ability to read or write or access to technology.

Getting to CreateX

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QUT Kelvin Grove Campus