Garden of Minuscule Delights

  • Installation and performances all day

Level 1 in Z9 Building(Room 130)

Suitable for ages 7+

  • Free
Garden of Minuscule Delights - Image #1

An interaction between robots, performers and you

Enter into a ‘minuscule garden’ evoking a miniature/microscopic world. Your arrival disturbs the tranquility of this world, pushing it into a chaotic state - you are an unwelcome stranger. You must work alongside performers (both robotic and human) to restore harmony to the garden.

The duration is 15 mins

The Performers

Robotanical Collective comprises Andy Arthurs (Music, Creative Industries), Jonathan Roberts (Robotics, Science & Engineering), Jared Donavan (Interactive Visual Design, Creative Industries), Dean Brough (Fashion, Creative Industries) and DeepBlue (the orchestra unleashed) began working together in 2015 for QUT's Robotronica. Jared and Jonathan then developed this further into a sold out workshop series for the World Science Festival . The crew are back and are joined by a an even larger group (below!) to present the next version of this exciting collaboration at CreateX.

Presented by

  • Artistic Direction:
    Andy Arthurs, Jared Donovan, Jon Roberts
  • Robots:
    Jonathan Roberts, Jared Donovan, David Hedger, Georgina Hine,
  • Interactive Design:
    Jared Donovan
  • Infra Red Tracking:
    Will Chamberlain
  • Music Composition & Music Interactivity:
    Yanto Browning
  • Dance & Motion Capture:
    Steph Hutchison, John McCormick
  • Fashion Design:
    Dean Brough (Assisted by Teunica Li)
  • Staging and Tech Production:
    Simon Pyle
  • Performers:
    DeepBlue Impro (Allan Bremner, Liz Young, Wayne Jennnings), Yanto Browning and Steph Hutchison


CreateX gratefully acknowledge Queensland Museum for its assistance in supplying images and for the assistance of Geoff Thompson, (QM Collection Imager).

The Making Of

How did you make it?

We are trying to create another world where robots mix with humans interactively. As audience members enter the performance space, their movements will be tracked by an overhead camera array and this will be used to drive interactive visuals and the movements of the performance robots. This interdisciplinary creative team come together regularly to integrate their various approaches to a theme.

What's the point of difference?

We are really trying to push the limits of how we can use technology creatively for interactive performances that involve both human and non-human performers. What we’ve found most exciting about working on this project is how it has required all sorts of different experts and creative people from dance, music, fashion robotics, software vision, and interaction design to work together in new and creative ways. What really distinguishes our show is that it gives a totally new kind of interactive installation and performance.

How is this relevant to our future lives?

Working alongside increasingly intelligent machines is our future. Let's play with it to better understand our futures.

Getting to CreateX

Cnr Kelvin Grove Rd and Musk Avenue,
QUT Kelvin Grove Campus