• Continuous entry
  • 11am – 11:45am(Performance)
  • 1:20pm – 2:05pm(Performance)
  • 4pm – 5pm(Performance)

Level 5 in Z9 Building(City End)

Suitable for all ages

  • Free
Flow - From little things big things flow
From little things big things flow

A building flooded with sound and music

Visit level 5 for a journey where you interact with streams of music and sound that fill the entire floor and beyond. Observe or get involved. The streams come together to a space where you can create your own version of the music you have just experienced.

The duration is 45 minutes (continuous entry)

Flow - Crew 5 preparing to flow
Crew 5 preparing to flow

The Performers

Crew 5

A team of musicians who teach, play and research in Music at QUT.

Presented by

  • Flow Concept:
    Andy Arthurs
  • Artistic Direction and Design:
    Yanto Browning and Kristina Kelman
  • Song Writer:
    Dan James
  • Geeks:
    James See, QUT Music Students
  • Performers:
    Filter Coffee, Chennai, South India, Students, Staff, Mystery Guests, You

The Making Of

Why Flow?

Just as the water that has nourished Kelvin Grove for thousands of years, so the whole of level 5 is flooded with music. WE wanted to make the flow of water analogous with a flow of music and sound. Walk through the space and follow the sounds from the earliest sonic drops streamed from India to a fully formed piece of music. In each space you will witness and even contribute to the music being created, captured, collected, and channelled through the building, flowing finally into a large ocean of sound., where you can mix and recycle all the elements yourself. You will have never been immersed in music this way before. On the way though you will enjoy many surprises. Look for the special performance times as numbers are limited.

What is Flow?

Audience members are first invited in ‘behind the glass’ of QUT’s flagship recordings spaces, to witness various musicians and ensembles being recorded, before then being given the opportunity to shape the sound themselves, using a series of current and vintage synthesizers, samplers and gestural controllers as they traverse the different spaces. Watch out for surprises.

How did you make it?

We have been working with final semester QUT music music production students to create a series of individual spaces which merge into a multitude of musical tributaries that are then all synchronised together using Ableton’s Link software. This new software allows multiple digital musicians to jam together, automatically keeping them in time, even across tempo changes throughout an entire building. Never before has it been used on a project of this scope.

Kristina Kelman has been working with QUT Music PhD candidate Dan James, arranging and developing musical and dramatic material for the day. They will be collaborating with established musicians, along with students from the QACI and BBC music programs, creating a number of musical works that will be incorporated into Flow.

What's the point of difference?

Having borne witness to the creation of each of the musical streams, creative power now rests with the audience member, allowing them to determine how these streams are combined and balanced, resulting in a day full of unique, individual , co-created musical experiences.

How is this relevant to our future lives?

The boundaries between producer and consumer are increasingly blurred giving rise to the “prosumer”. This is a large scale prosumed work that points to a possible future for performance. All functions flow into each other.

Getting to CreateX

Cnr Kelvin Grove Rd and Musk Avenue,
QUT Kelvin Grove Campus