Ethiopian Dance Workshops

  • 10:30am – 11am
  • 12:15pm – 12:45pm
  • 4pm – 4:30pm

Level 1 in Z9 Building(Studio 140)

Suitable for ages 12+

  • $5 to reserve a place
Ethiopian Dance Workshops - Image #1

Enjoy learning Ethiopian Dance

A collective group of Ethiopian women from different dance groups (Ethiopian Lejoch dance group & Ye Tayetu Lejoch dance group) have joined to share their culture and heritage with the community particularly for the QUT CreativeX Project.

The duration is 30 mins

Ethiopian Dance Workshops - Image #2
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The Creators

"Ethiopian Lijoch" Dancing Group

"Ethiopian Lijoch" Dancing Group was started by the individual members who want to share their Ethiopian cultural heritage through music and dance to the wider community of Australia.


The Making Of

Why Ethiopian Dance Workshops?

The Ethiopian community was established officially in 2009 to assist and advocate for the families and individuals, who are migrating and settled in QLD. The organisation also promotes the community to keep their cultural identity and pass it onto the next generation.

Ethiopia has many tribes which enhance and enrich the countries beauty, culture, coffee ceremony, music and clothing. Ethiopia is the heart of civilisation and one of two countries in Africa not occupied. The costumes the dancers wear represent the different tribes within the country but don't represent nearly close to the 80 ethnic groups. The white cotton dresses with embroidery represent the national costume of Ethiopia with the traditional shoulder dance called Eskista. This is danced at celebrations such as weddings, christenings and any other special occasions. The coffee ceremony ('buna') is an integral and ritualistic part of everyday Ethiopian life and culture. It is served for every occasion and 3 cups are traditionally drunk at each sitting.

How is this relevant to our future lives?

This is the way of life in Ethiopia - Food, coffee, music and dance are at the heart of socalising, making time for family and friends. A unique culture with customs that have been carried and pasted on for centuries. By retaining these customs, the tradition lives on and can be shared with the global community.

Getting to CreateX

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