Benevolent System

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Suitable for ages 12+ (MUST be supervised)

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Interdisciplinary installation - light, sound, video, sculpture

Benevolent adj. well meaning and kindly

System n. a set of things working together as parts of a mechanism or an interconnecting network; a complex whole.

A new installation project incorporating light, sound, video and sculpture.

The Creators

Michelle Xen

Michelle Xen is an awarded visual artist, vocalist, songwriter and producer. She work between music, sound, installation, fashion and performance. Interdisciplinary installation - light, sound, video, sculpture.

The Making Of

What's the point of difference?

These students have written and chosen these works themselves. These stories are important to them and they have also won major creative writings prizes.

How is this relevant to our future lives?

The act of telling stories is an important part of how we know ourselves, our community, and our environment.

Getting to CreateX

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