All Walks

  • 4pm – 9pm(After Dark)

Outdoor Spaces(Gona Barracks Forecourt)

Suitable for all ages

  • Free
All Walks - Image #1

Projecting all who have walked this land

Present day Kelvin Grove is home to a visual journey taken through projection graphics onto the Gona Barracks. The projections will give insight to the original owners of our land and will remember those who served our country through to current and future Creatives at QUT.

All Walks - Benjamin Coddington
Benjamin Coddington
All Walks - Benjamin Donnelly
Benjamin Donnelly
All Walks - Sarah Capon
Sarah Capon

The Creators

Propaganda Mill & QUT

Propaganda Mill are a passionate multidisciplinary studio where design, technology and communication collide to generate innovative ideas. Propoganda Mill work with 3D visualizations and projections and have developed techniques that focus on using complex built forms, such as buildings, as their canvas. Working on festivals such as Vivid Sydney, Bayside Illumination Festival & Wanchin Basilica Festival in Taiwan (to name a few). These projects do not simply involve projection of images on flat surfaces, instead it involves tailor made motion graphics that build upon the environment. In simple terms every surface can be projected onto. Think of it as a game changer, you can completely change and create new environments without physically touching a thing. The potential applications of this technology are limited only by your imagination.

The directors of Propoganda Mill: Dr Rafeal Gomez (Lecturer in Industrial Design at QUT) and Daniel Thomas (former student in Industrial design at QUT) have a team of talented staff, two of which, Ben Donnelly and Ben Coddington are also former industrial design staff & students. Ben Coddinton, Ben Donnelly and Sarah Capon have worked closely with a range of QUT Performance, Design and Screen-based disciplines to present this tailor-made projection mapping work especially for CreateX.

We hope you enjoy "All Walks".

Presented by

  • Projection Mapping and Artistic Direction:
    Benjamin Coddington, Benjamin Donnelly and Sarah Capon from Propaganda Mill
  • Filming:
    Jake Malpass
  • Choreography:
    Shaaron Boughen
  • Executive Production Team:
    Andy Arthurs, Simon Pyle, Caitlin Hultgren, Sophie Loades
  • Performers:
    Poppy Kemble, Rebecca Hale, Karl Stuifzand, Ryan Hodson, Brendan Perez-Compton, Alex Neal, Samantha Lush, Tania Vukicevic, Deanna Connelly
  • Thanks also to Daniel Thomas, Rafael Gomez, Patrick Shirley, Kayne Hunnam, Sean Mee, Mark Radvan, Allanah Sarafian

The Making Of

Making of image #1
Making of image #2
Making of image #3
Making of image #4
Making of image #5

Getting to CreateX

Cnr Kelvin Grove Rd and Musk Avenue,
QUT Kelvin Grove Campus